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Binny Deng

iLink Solutions Founder
ex HPer, drives tech innovation and growth
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About Binny

🚀 I am an IT innovator filled with a passion for technology's continuous evolution. My professional enthusiasm extends beyond coding and technical solutions, embodying a desire to explore unknown realms.


​🌊 In addition to my tech pursuits, scuba diving is an integral part of my life. Exploring the depths of the ocean, I feel a profound connection with nature. Each dive becomes a spiritual adventure, offering moments of tranquility and inspiration beneath the azure waves.


​✈️ I have a deep love for global travel, seeking to discover diverse cultures and landscapes worldwide. Every new destination is an opportunity for learning and inspiration, allowing me to blend with different cultures and experience the vibrant tapestry of life.​


🤝 Most importantly, I am genuinely eager to connect and assist more friends. Whether sharing experiences in the tech realm or forming bonds with like-minded companions during journeys, I believe that building relationships and sharing enriches life. Let's explore this marvelous world together and create beautiful moments.​

🚀 我是一名IT创新者,对技术的不断发展充满热情。我的专业热情超越了编码和技术解决方案,充满了探索未知领域的愿望。


​🌊 除了对科技的追求之外,水肺潜水也是我生活中不可或缺的一部分。探索海洋深处,我感受到与大自然的深刻联系。每次潜水都成为一次精神冒险,在蔚蓝的海浪下提供宁静和灵感的时刻。


​✈️ 我热爱环球旅行,寻求发现世界各地不同的文化和风景。每一个新的目的地都是一个学习和灵感的机会,让我能够融入不同的文化,体验充满活力的生活。​


🤝 我喜欢认识和帮助更多的朋友。无论是分享科技领域的经验,还是在旅途中与志同道合的同伴建立联系,我相信建立关系和分享可以丰富生活。让我们一起探索这个奇妙的世界,创造美好的时刻。​

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